You Are More

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending my son's high school football game.  No, he wasn't a player on the field but he's a player in the bleachers.  He's a member of his school's marching band, living his dream!    I was overjoyed to watch him do what he enjoys doing.  As I sat in the bleachers, my eyes began to scan the crowd.  As my natural eyes uploaded information, my spiritual eyes began to process what I was seeing.  What I "saw" caused me to weep on the inside.  I was instantly reminded of my former struggle with identity and self-esteem as a high school, teenage girl.  I wanted so desperately to grab every girl I saw and hug her. But since they don't know me like that and I didn't want to up being a social media post for being a crazy woman, I decided to put my pen to paper and tell them what I wish someone had told me as a teenager: I AM MORE.  This is my letter to them:

My sweet, lovely young lady you are beautiful!  I know your father may not have been there to tell you that, but I am here. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Believe it! The attention you're seeking from young men is not the attention you really want. It's merely a counterfeit deficit of the deep love you need and the ever lasting love you desire.   Although your high school years are merely a blip on the radar screen of your whole life, what happens here can greatly impact the rest of your life. You are not a sex object and sex, my dear beautiful one, is not love.   Buying you an outfit or taking you to a restaurant is not love. For most of these young men, it's a means to an end.  I don't fault them because they, too, are seeking the same thing - to be deeply loved and understood. 

My sweet one. today is the day that you decide you are MORE. You're more than a phone number in a list of thousands of contacts in his phone.  You're more than a text message - vauge enough to not mean anything but wordy enough to keep stringing you along. You are more than your clothes, your nails and your hair. YOU ARE MORE!  Right now, you are the smaller version of a grown woman.  Womanhood beckons you and now is the time to understand and know just how much beauty you have inside of you.  Don't be fooled by the popular girl. Please, don't be fooled.  Look her up in ten years.  Don't be seduced by the popular boy.  Look him up in ten years. YOU ARE MORE!  

My lovely one, your smile is just as beautiful as the next girl's smile whether your lips are full or thin.  Your complexion is just as beautiful as the the next girl's, whether dark, light or inbetween.  ALL of you is beautiful.  While it's certainly admirable to adorn your outer appearance in modesty don't leave behind the cultivation of your heart and your spirit.  See, true beauty, the kind that lasts for decades, starts on the inside.  You have many more decades to live so I implore you to tell yourself every day that I AM MORE!


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