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Early is on Time

You know the rest of the saying so I don’t have to finish it.  No, this is not a “deep and wonderful" article, but still an important one.  I’ve been contemplating writing about this for quite some time and I am finally doing it. While I do not claim to be an expert on punctuality, I do have some experience in my own life and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.  You may be asking “why is she writing about being on time?”   Well, because tardiness and punctuality may be what's stopping you from being promoted on your job, in ministry or other activities you’re involved in.
Daniel 6:3 speaks of Daniel having “an excellent spirit” in him.  That excellent spirit distinguished him and caused him to be promoted.   I am sure there are many facets to having an excellent spirit and I believe being on time is one of them.  I understand things happen occasionally but being habitually late is different.  Being late shows a lack of excellence and a disrespect of time - your time, the per…