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Even in Death

Earlier this week I posted on FB "Death has a way of making you come face to face with your issues...then telling you to get over it." On Sunday, March 1st, my grandmother passed away. What grieved me the most was the lies I allowed the enemy to plant in my head and grow, lies that my presence was not important to my family. Belief in those lies caused me to always make excuses for why I couldn't attend family gatherings and coming up with reasons not to just stop in and say hello. Even the week before she died, I went to see her but only for a few minutes because the lie was now deeply embedded in my heart that my presence wasn't important.

Friends, life is so precious. The enemy wants all of us to believe we don't matter and that people really don't love us like they say they do. Truth is, HE doesn't matter and HIS presence is never welcomed. There are people in this world who love us and enjoy our presence. The spirit of God lives in us and that autom…