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Confessions of a Single Woman: I Didn't Know How to Act Around a Man

Yes, you read that right! I didn't know how to act around a man...that is, a man who liked me and I liked him. Now, if I didn't like him or he didn't like me, I was cool.  But if there was a mutual "likeness" going on, I had a problem!  My emotions and feelings went into overdrive, as did my controlling, fearful side. So, I had to ask God why was I like that?  The answer was simple: I wasn't used to being treated well by a man and I didn't know how to "relate" to one either. Come again God?

As He took me back over my life, my relationship encounters with men were almost always sexual.  What I didn't realize was that this pattern was training me to deal with men in three ways: sleep with them, cut them off, or wait for them to leave. Every man I ever dealt with relationship wise fell into one of these three categories. Now, this excludes men with whom who I was genuinely friends.  But all the other ones could be placed there.

When I gave my l…