For the Love of Mrs. Rice

Dear Mrs. Rice,

Today, your husband was released by his professional football team because he has been graphically exposed for domestic abuse. When the incident happened, he was your fiancee. Many are asking why you went on to marry him.  You may not have an answer, but perhaps my life can help you figure that out.

I, too, was a victim of domestic violence.  Mine didn't start when I was married. It started before he ever asked me to marry him. It started as verbal abuse then escalated to mental and emotional abuse. By the time we were divorced, it had become physical on both our parts. Why did I marry him? I married him because I placed a higher value on the fear of what he would do to me verses how I felt about myself. I never thought it would happen to me. My ex-husband didn't have millions but every time each abusive episode ended, I kept thinking that maybe things would get better. I kept hoping it would change or just maybe if I stayed out of his way, he'd leave me alone. Because neither of us were surrendered to Christ, it never got better.

Your husband made a lot of money but he didn't die on the cross for you. Jesus did. He is the only man on who will ever love you enough to be tortured, abused and whipped for you. He did that so you would never have to endure it.  And you know what else? He died for your husband too. He died so that your husband wouldn't be tormented by his own fears, rage, anger, jealousy, pride or his deeply hidden wounds. A lot of people hate your husband right now and are upset with you for staying. I know they are because they are talking about it. Some of them talking about it, however, have never been in a situation like yours. But I have and I know why you stayed. He may have promised to get better or seek help. He may have bought you things you've never had. But without the love of God in his heart, he won't ever be healed or get better and neither will you. Without the love of God in your heart, you'll continue to accept it as normal.

My sincere prayer is that both of you allow the Lord to love on you and show you just how beautiful and precious you both are.  If you two don't know Jesus Christ and/or haven't accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, click here.  Psalms 139 will tell you just how deep, how wide and how far the Lord is willing to go for you and for your husband. 

Tamara D. Davis, A Daddy’s Girl

Let's pray;
Father God, in the name of Jesus, I lift up this marriage to You. You are a redeemer, a deliverer and a restorer. I pray this couple and every couple like them surrenders their hearts and their lives to You. Fill their hearts with peace, forgiveness, repentance, love and joy that comes from You. Go to the deep places in their pasts and heal every physical, verbal and mental wound afflicted on them. Teach them that there is a better way, a more noble way. Heal all of the children affected by this. I pray these couples are the generation that changes things in their families for generations to come. Surround them with people who will not condone or tolerate the behavior but will correct them in love as well as teach them how to love themselves, love You and love each other. I pray they receive the instruction along with the counsel of the Word. Thank You for Your love God. Thank You for Your care, mercy, goodness and lovingkindness. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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