Be Made Whole

Today, my son broke a drinking glass. I didn't know he broke the glass until he told me. He said he cleaned up all the glass, but I know my son. So, I told him to turn on all the lights so we can see if he got all of the pieces because we wouldn't want anyone to step on glass and get cut. After we turned on all the lights, we saw several missed pieces of glass.  This time, I stepped in and made sure all the glass was cleaned up properly.

When our lives are broken or we've made a mess of things, our instinct is to clean it up. We think we got all the pieces, thus we try to put our own lives back together. Friends, the Word of God is the light we need in order to see ALL the pieces of our lives that need to be cleaned up. Some of us are in relationships hurting and "cutting" other people because of the brokenness that remains. These could be dating relationships or just friendships.  We can't pick up all the pieces ourselves because friends, we don't know where all the broken pieces reside. Some of us may not even know how we got so broken in the first place! I encourage each of us to let the light of the Word shine so brightly on our lives so that God can find and identify all the pieces, clean them up, dump them, and put us back together again with new pieces from His treasure. "...Behold, I make all things new..." (Revelation 21:5)


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