You Can Stop Hiding Now

Yesterday, I was looking for the lid to my pot. Now, I could’ve used something else to cover the pot, but I needed THAT lid. I only keep my pots and lids in one place. I looked there and it wasn’t there.  I checked the dishwasher, it wasn’t there. I checked the sink to see if it was dirty (although I knew it was clean) and it wasn’t there. I looked over and over in those same three places and it was not there. Then I got mad and claimed someone threw it away. I kept looking in cabinets where I really didn't think it would be, well I half looked in those cabinets because I didn't think it was there. By this time, five minutes had gone by and now, I was irritated. I finally took one last look and there it was, hiding under some paper towels in a cabinet where it wasn't supposed to be.
I got to thinking about how God is looking for us and we are not where we're supposed to be. He's looking for us day after day but for whatever reason, we are not in place. Husbands, He's looking for you to teach you how to lead your families, but you're hiding. Wives, He's looking for you to teach you how to submit to your husbands, but you're hiding. Believers, He's looking for us to fellowship with Him, but we're hiding. The question is why are we hiding?

Adam and Eve hid from God once they realized they sinned (Genesis 3). Shame and disobedience makes us hide from the presence of God. God always wants to use us and fellowship with us no matter what. But, whenever we're out of position or hiding, He can't and He won't. Sure, He can use someone else, but He wants YOU. While you’re hiding or out of position, time is still moving!  Stop wasting time. Get in sight, get filled with the Holy Spirit and get in position.



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