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All Things Have Become New

Many of you have been to this site before but I thank you for coming back and being so supportive of me. The Lord has given me so much to say and I'll be saying more of it in the days ahead. I'm so excited about the direction of this blog so please be patient with me as I refresh and revamp. I hope to always encourage my old friends and many new ones to come. I look forward to growing together as we continue to celebrate being daughters of the King.  I love you all and stay tuned!

Confessions of A Single Woman: Marriage Will Not Deliver You

Over the last few days, the Lord has really ministered to me about singleness and my life as a single woman of God. For quite some time, He’s been undoing a mindset I had about being single. I don’t know if I am the only one who’s ever thought this way but I want to share with you something about me that may help you to understand, and perhaps be delivered from erroneous thinking when it comes to being single in the Lord.
For a very long time, I thought life without a mate was pointless.  I was a single parent and I used to believe children were a chore, not a joy.  So there I was, three kids with no husband.  To me, life was just life and there was no excitement and joy to it because all I did was work and come home to take care of my kids. However, behind the scenes, I tried to fill my own void by being with different men with the hopes that one of them would eventually “see” me and rescue me from my mundane life of parenting and work.
I started going back to church but my mindset wa…