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Protect Your Peace

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook about being stuck.  The Lord gave me the revelation that if the enemy can get you stuck at one particular place in your life, he’s got you. I came to realize that he has no new tricks, just different packaging.  He is not interested in the new because he only recreates the old.  He attempts to take something that looks very close to what God said and put his own perverted spin on it. He did the exact thing to Jesus after He had been in the wilderness for 40 Days (Luke 4) and to Eve by enticing her to eat the fruit. (Genesis 3) Friends, we have to be certain of what God has spoken to us about our lives, our homes, our ministries, etc. Jesus was able to resist the enemy by combating him with the Word. Eve was not so fortunate. She yielded to his temptation and her yielding produced generational consequences. We must not allow ourselves to yield to the snares, lures and devices of the enemy. He comes to war against ours souls and disrupt our peace…