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I Waved the White Flag

At the beginning of 2013, I was yet again an emotional and mental mess.  I was the cause of this mess because I didn’t heed the voice of God about a relationship I thought had so much promise. I desperately desired for it to work out but it didn’t. I was sobbing to God, asking why it didn’t work out and why did I still have to wait for “him” to come along. I was hoping and wishing that something would change between us so that we could be together again.  I’ll be honest with you all…I was tired of waiting.  I wanted to strongly love a man and I wanted a man to strongly love me. I thought I knew better and I really believed I knew what I was doing. I just KNEW this was FINALLY my season, my time to be betrothed. I figured so many years had gone by so it MUST be time by now! (SN The passing of time does not guarantee you are ready for something).  So, when things fell apart, I couldn’t understand why!  I didn’t WANT to understand why. In my mind, I kept thinking “If he would’ve tried a …