Surrender, Submit and Lay It All Down

Tonight, I babysat my seven month old niece. She was very sleepy, tired and literally fighting her sleep.  She was throwing a tantrum but I was determined to put her to bed. She cried through her bath. She cried after her diaper change. She cried when I tried to feed her. She cried as I held her and walked her around the house. She kept crying with her eyes focused on everything going on around her.  Then, I reached down into my deep mama-hood skills and pulled out an idea, which I know had to be straight from the Holy Spirit.  I took her in my bedroom and turned off the lights.  She immediately stopped crying!  All I heard was her breathing and I felt her face turning against my shirt as she still tried to see what was going on.  When she realized she couldn’t see anymore, she fell asleep in five minutes flat. 
My friends, some of us are like this in the spirit. Some of us are kicking and screaming, fighting the very thing God has told us to do.  We are resisting it because our eyes are focused on everything around us.  We’re concerned because this person appears to be getting blessed before we are or that person is moving ahead a lot faster than we are.  We are grumbling and complaining to God, fighting Him tooth and nail.  Friends, it’s time to turn off the lights!  Take your eyes off your surroundings and off other people!  Put your eyes back on Him! When I turned off the lights on my niece, she had to trust that I was still holding her. She no longer had anything distracting her, trying to pull her away.  She only had the knowledge that my arms were holding her tightly and securely. She was finally able to rest.  Know and trust that God is holding you, leading you and guiding you. He’s tired of seeing you resist Him and His love. Stop fighting and rest!


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