Love Never Fails

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve published, you’ll know that I’ve had plenty of relationship mishaps.  I’ve  been under the influence of a seductive spirit working through a married man, I’ve dated a man who was cheating on me, I was soul-tied to my high school boyfriend for 18 years and I’ve even dated a great guy who wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. Yes, I’ve had plenty of mishaps.  However, after each one, I made a point to find out what role I played in the mishap.  For some, I was warned and didn’t heed the warning.  For others, I was blinded and caught off guard but still stayed a lot longer than I should have.  There were times when I felt stupid for falling too deeply for a man, for not walking away when I should and for being too stubborn to listen to God while He was trying to tell me to walk away!  I’ve blamed myself, cried, felt bad, recovered and even rejoiced.  But there is one very important thing I did not do.  I didn’t let it change the very nature of who I am.  I am called to love.
Some of the situations I’ve been through have been extremely painful, painful to the point of closing off my heart and wanting to give up. As early as a teenager, I can recall wanting to love and give the very best of me.  What I didn’t understand, however, is that this kind of love was supposed to be saved for a husband.  I also didn’t understand that the root of me allowing myself to remain in these situations is that I wanted these men to make me whole. They weren’t equipped or qualified to bring the wholeness that I needed. Through years of reading His word, surrounding myself with genuine Titus 2 women of God and trusting Him, I am now made whole!  It was during this process of healing and being made whole that I realized I have nothing to feel bad about.  The Holy Spirit ministered to me by telling me that I should NEVER feel stupid for loving ANYBODY the way God loves.  You see, at the very core of my heart is the love of God and anyone who comes in contact with that kind love will have a life changing experience, be it large or small.
                Through God’s grace and mercy, I’ve since learned not to awaken love before its time. I’ve purposed in my heart that no amount of rejection, no amount of pain and no amount of neglect will change me.  What is has done, however, is pushed me closer to the Creator of love to seek Him for more purification of His love, which is working through me. I will not stop loving like Him for He is love and He created me in His image.  The spirit of God lives on the inside of me so that means…I, TOO, AM LOVE!

Suggested Reading:
1 Corinthians 13
1 John 4




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