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New Dawn

She and I have this nickname game.
First started with N.A.M.,
expanded to 'maneater',
warned her prey
but they didn't want to believe her,
not until it was too late,
and the only difference between me and the "Crocodile Hunter"
was he got his stuff on tape,
melodic voice,
sensual smile
that drove men wild,
to the point that they couldn't contain themselves,
an outer shell
hiding the secrets of a woman scorned,
born not to know,
not to show
because once you're open,
you're vulnerable...
and that's when they can hurt you,
that's when they get control,
battered and bruised her soul,
3/4's from being whole
but the quarter had a hole in it,
still tried to spend it,
had to get her hustle on,
raise 3 children alone,
turned into cries,
cries into weeping,
endured for more than one night
but the morning light
cleared her sight
and she saw herself,
for the first time,
through HIS eyes,
and what you see now,
is the new nickname: W.…