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Unclogged and Uprooted

Unclogged and Uprooted
For a few months, my drain in my tub was constantly getting clogged up.  I could hear the water running down the drain but it ran very slowly. I’d pour a bottle of drain cleaner down the drain and fix the issue.  For a little while, the drain would work again just fine—until the next time.  The drain in the other bathroom worked well so I knew it was a problem isolated to THIS drain.  Finally, I got really irritated with it and decided to get to the root of the issue.  I asked the Lord to tell me what the problem was.  And He did. I snaked the drain, with a homemade snake (reason number 1,578 why one should have at least one wire hanger in the house, of which I had NONE) and I pulled out clumps of hair and other nonsense.  I ran the water and instantly, my water flowed down the drain like smooth sailing baby!
Matthew 15:13 NKJV says “But He answered and said, "Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted.”  Many of us have “clogged dr…

Spiritual Civil War

“The body of Christ is the only army that fights against itself.”  As soon as the words were said, they resonated strongly in my heart.  My mind flipped to the number of times I’d secretly judged or belittled another Christian.  How many times had I condemned another brother or sister in Christ?  How many times had I rejoiced in their inequities instead of lifting them up to the Lord in prayer?  I’m not sure how many times, but ONE time is too many.  The level of envy, strife and malice in the body of Christ is unacceptable.  The change we need to see is the change we need to be.  Family, come walk with me.
1.2 Timothy 2:23 says But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife. It is time out for cattiness and pettiness.  Nobody cares what color the choir robes are, if we wear robes or not, and neither do they care what color the carpet is.  What people care about is being loved, healed, delivered, and set free.  They want to see their lives changed.  They wa…

New Dawn

She and I have this nickname game.
First started with N.A.M.,
expanded to 'maneater',
warned her prey
but they didn't want to believe her,
not until it was too late,
and the only difference between me and the "Crocodile Hunter"
was he got his stuff on tape,
melodic voice,
sensual smile
that drove men wild,
to the point that they couldn't contain themselves,
an outer shell
hiding the secrets of a woman scorned,
born not to know,
not to show
because once you're open,
you're vulnerable...
and that's when they can hurt you,
that's when they get control,
battered and bruised her soul,
3/4's from being whole
but the quarter had a hole in it,
still tried to spend it,
had to get her hustle on,
raise 3 children alone,
turned into cries,
cries into weeping,
endured for more than one night
but the morning light
cleared her sight
and she saw herself,
for the first time,
through HIS eyes,
and what you see now,
is the new nickname: W.…