Life On The Lips!

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”  Life.  Death.  Life and death—polar opposites but yet, dispensable by the same instrument—our tongues.

Most of us have probably heard this scripture over and over and while we believe it, some of don’t always live by it.  Perhaps we’ve underestimated the power of words and what they represent when we speak them.  God created the entire earth with WORDS! He spoke both you and me into existence.  Words have creative power and since we were created in His image, our words have the same power.

The tongue is like a pink tornado when used the wrong way.  Tornadoes often come without warning, leave a lot of damage and keep moving like nothing ever happened.  Destructive words do the same thing: hurt the intended target without warning, leave a lot of damage such as bruised egos, hurt feelings and broken hearts, while the person spewing the words have gone on about their business with no clue as to what just happened.

Today, I urge you to choose life.  What you feed will grow and what you starve will die.  Feed your marriage with LIFE.  Feed your home with LIFE. Feed your family with LIFE. Our words are to be laced with honey. We have the power to create the status of our lives with what we speak.  Not only must we watch what we say TO people, but we must watch what we say ABOUT people.  Even if we don’t speak negative words directly to our spouses, we must not speak them ABOUT our spouses!  Each and every word that leaves our mouth is a seed and it will reap a harvest.  It’s our choice as to what kind of harvest we want to reap. Do we want our marriages to live or die?  If our hearts are filled with death for our marriages it will show in our words because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)  On the contrary, if our hearts are filled with life for our marriages, we’ll speak life regardless of what we see or feel. You may have a myriad of thoughts running through our heads but do not let them slip from your mouth, not even jokingly. We must submit our tongues to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We are bearers of life and all things Godly. God did not create us to carry death or spew death.  So friends, watch what you say!

Recommended reading:
James Chapter 3
God’s Creative Power by Charles Capps

©2011 Tamara D. Davis


  1. Awesome Word! I needed to hear that. Please keep tagging me when you post your blog. I'm not on Facebook as much as I used to be and I forget to read your blog

  2. You can subscribe by e-mail so whenever I post something new, you will get an e-mail.

  3. The tornado in the mouth can be swift, powerful and leave a whole lot of destruction. One thing about that pink tornado God gave is, we have the ability to choose to whirl with it wisely. He gave us power allright, power to CONTROL!

  4. I know that's right Melody! This area is close to my heart because as a little girl, my life was altered by somebody's words to me. I spent about 25 years of my life thinking I was ugly because of what an adult said to me as a little girl. Whoever made up the "stick and stones..." is a LIE! Words HURT!

  5. These words are so true. Particularly as parents and mates, we need to be mindful of what seeds we sow with our words; they can be damaging for generations. I am always reminded of something my co-worker says which is along the same lines - just because it comes up (in your mind) doesn't mean it has to come out (of your mouth)!


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