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Ignore The Signs If You Want To! Part 1

Before you go any further, let me tell you this…YES, I am writing about another one of my relationships.Why? Because it’s where I’ve had my greatest failures, which produced my greatest victories!So buckle up, here we go. “Leo” caught my eye in the summer of 2004 so I took the liberty of introducing myself to him.He was immediately taken by my ability to carry on a decent conversation and truth be told, I admired the same thing in him.Our first telephone conversation lasted for six hours!Within the next seven days, we had our first date.We visited some of my favorite places around the ‘Burg, one of which is The Pier.As we strolled along the pier, we talked some more and grew quite comfortable around each other. I felt like I’d known him my whole life! Not since my high school boyfriend had I felt this way about a man.As if that eight hour date wasn’t enough, he drove over from Orlando the next day to see me again!At that moment I knew he was a keeper and I was officially smitten. About…