From Our Daddy’s Heart To Yours

My Beloved Daughter,

            Oh, how I love you!   For too long, the world has infiltrated your mind with their standard of beauty.  Their standards are always changing but My standards never change.  Measure yourself to me, my daughter, not the world. I bestowed you with a kind of beauty that the world can never achieve.
            My grace is sufficient for you and I adorned you with the grace to live out My full plan and potential for your life.  Stop being afraid! I beseech you to stop being afraid of your past and of what people might say or think.  My dear daughter stop being afraid of failure!  In Me there is no failure, only victory.
            I created you to love! I created you to teach, train, build and conquer. I created you to live and not die.  I created you to prosper and have the very best in life. I did not create you to settle for anything less than My best.  I created you to have more than enough and not to be content with lack or just enough. I created you to thrive! I created you for sanctification and holiness, to be set apart.  My sweet child, I created you in My image.
            I have imparted a sense of style and elegance in you resembling that of a queen. I have graced your speech with words of class laced with honey.  There is exhortation in your mouth! There is encouragement in your mouth. There is life in your mouth! Speak life to yourself! Speak My word over your life. SPEAK My word.  Speak MY word. Speak My WORD!
With Eternal, Abundant Love,
Your Heavenly Father


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