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I Finally Got It!

As a little girl, I often felt like no one in the world understood me.No one knew how to communicate with me in a way that made me feel special.I felt ordinary and common. I didn’t feel pretty, beautiful or as if I mattered very much.As a matter of fact, an adult once told me I was ugly and because I was raised in a generation where whatever an adult said was the gospel, I believed the lady that spoke this to me.Among other lies spoken to me, the major one that affected my choices was that my biological father didn’t want me so he rejected me.I grew up in a home where we had a daddy, but he wasn’t MY daddy.However, he raised us and we called him daddy. He provided for us, took us on trips, disciplined us and was mama’s companion for nearly 14 years.In spite of this I never felt like daddy’s little girl.I longed to feel special, appreciated, and adored.I wanted to know what it felt like to be his “baby girl”. I wanted to be poured into and encouraged.In daddy’s defense he had no clue h…