You Are More

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending my son's high school football game.  No, he wasn't a player on the field but he's a player in the bleachers.  He's a member of his school's marching band, living his dream!    I was overjoyed to watch him do what he enjoys doing.  As I sat in the bleachers, my eyes began to scan the crowd.  As my natural eyes uploaded information, my spiritual eyes began to process what I was seeing.  What I "saw" caused me to weep on the inside.  I was instantly reminded of my former struggle with identity and self-esteem as a high school, teenage girl.  I wanted so desperately to grab every girl I saw and hug her. But since they don't know me like that and I didn't want to up being a social media post for being a crazy woman, I decided to put my pen to paper and tell them what I wish someone had told me as a teenager: I AM MORE.  This is my letter to them:

My sweet, lovely young lady you are beautiful!  I know you…

Early is on Time

You know the rest of the saying so I don’t have to finish it.  No, this is not a “deep and wonderful" article, but still an important one.  I’ve been contemplating writing about this for quite some time and I am finally doing it. While I do not claim to be an expert on punctuality, I do have some experience in my own life and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.  You may be asking “why is she writing about being on time?”   Well, because tardiness and punctuality may be what's stopping you from being promoted on your job, in ministry or other activities you’re involved in.
Daniel 6:3 speaks of Daniel having “an excellent spirit” in him.  That excellent spirit distinguished him and caused him to be promoted.   I am sure there are many facets to having an excellent spirit and I believe being on time is one of them.  I understand things happen occasionally but being habitually late is different.  Being late shows a lack of excellence and a disrespect of time - your time, the per…

I Have a Heart Condition

I recently attended our family reunion in Atlanta, Georgia. I was honored to do an inspirational reading at our family banquet.  As I read God's word, I am continually drawn to passages about the heart. Our heart is our ground and we have to make sure it's in tip top shape.  Be encouraged!

Out of the good treasure of his heart a man brings forth good things Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks A heart at peace gives life to the body A merry heart makes the face cheerful For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. I have a heart condition. No, it’s not sickness, it’s not disease.  It’s the counsel of the Lord that resides in my heart. My heart is guarded because it’s the gateway to life! Today, I ask you, what is your heart condition? What have you allowed into your heart? Bitterness, strife, envy, anger, unforgiveness, discord, fear?  Bitterness, strife, anger, envy, unforgiven…

No Fear

Second Timothy 1:7 NKJV says "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."  The Contemporary English Version (CEV) says "God's Spirit doesn't make cowards out of us. The Spirit gives us power, love and self-control."

The world tells us "oh, a little fear is healthy." No, that's not true, especially in the Kingdom of God. Fear in any area is an entry point of the devil. He will use that fear to creep in and cause us to make decisions out of fear. He'll take that little opening and grow it so big until we are living our lives completely out of fear. Fear produces anxiety, which leads to depression. (Proverbs 12:25).  It also produces pride and we know pride is a destroyer.

I had some deeply rooted fears in the area of relationships. I was severely afraid of being rejected and abandoned because that's all I knew. That fear caused me to make some very bad choices and accept things that were not …

Keep Walking

One of the most valuable things I've learned in my walk with the Lord is that it is a walk.  Not a run or a sprint. A walk. When was the last time you took a walk? Have you noticed you have time to stop and admire things and even appreciate what you see? I enjoy walking and realizing my life in God is a walk, or journey, has helped me beyond measure.
Amos 3:3 says “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?”  The answer is no.  Two people going in two different directions are NOT walking together. The key to our life in God is for us to be in agreement with God and to walk with Him as He leads and guides. Walking is putting one foot in front of the other - taking steps.  My walk with Him has taken me from thinking I could never be anything to knowing that I am everything in Him.  Spending time in the word of God and asking Him for understanding of His word opened my eyes to see that it’s well within His will to be a great, dynamic woman who’s full of life!   My journey has tak…

When My Daughter Became a Mother

The date was Wednesday, March 30th, 2016.  I sat along the edge of my bed munching on my nightcap – a Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Almond ice cream bar.  I was engulfed in tranquility being I had attended my regular bible study that evening as well.  I heard a knock on my bedroom door.  It was my daughter.  She entered my room and strongly suggested that I sit in my “Jesus chair,” the chair I sit in when I am studying the word, reading the word or praying.  Right then, I knew something serious was about to be said.  I replied “Nawwww, I think you better sit in that chair. I’ll stay right here.” With blankness in her eyes, she broke the news “Mama, I’m pregnant. “  I stared at the wall and said “This has got to be an April Fool’s joke.”  I turned to face her and tears were streaming down her face.  No, this was not an April Fool’s joke.

As a mom, I always rehearse in my head how I would react if my kids told me certain things, not really knowing if I would ever actually be in the situation.  U…

Out of the Abundance of Her Heart

Earlier today, I was reading Proverbs 22.  I got to verse 14, which says “The mouth of an immoral woman is a deep pit; He who is abhorred by the Lord will fall there.”  I then checked the cross reference scripture and it lead me to Ecclesiastes 7:26, which says “And I find more bitter than death The woman whose heart is snares and nets, Whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God shall escape from her, But the sinner shall be trapped by her.”  I stopped and thought about how many men I’ve run across who are either married to or are dating bitter women.   It’s heart wrenching to see. I’ve seen how venom spewed from their mouths will tear down a man! Mostly when I am moved to write, it’s to encourage my sisters in their growth as women. Today, I am moved to help men who may not realize they are headed for trouble.  I do not claim to be a counselor or a therapist, but I will share what I’ve learned. 
1.Listen to her when she speaks. Listen to her intently!  Ask God to open your ears so …